is a new e-commerce service through which people living in Bangladesh will be able to purchase products from online stores from Canada & USA! Shop from famous online stores such as Amazon, eBay, Newegg etc. and have them delivered to you as quickly as possible!

Currently we are shipping from Canada Only! USA Will be Added Soon!

Currency Rates [As of July, 2018]

For Canadian Dollar = TK 78.00/CAD

Any other Currency will be Converted to CAD and charged Accordingly

  • Shipping Rates

    • For Products 100g or less = TKAi??150 (Flat)
    • For ProductsAi??100g-2kg = TK 160/100g or TK 1600/kg
    • For ProductsAi??over 2kgAi??= TK 1700/kg
  • Taxes & Customs

    Tax Rates in Canada is 5-15% on the product price, depending on the Origin (inside Canada). Most products have 15% Tax, including Prime & Premier Products. Orders from other countries are subject to possible import tax when shipped to Canada.

    You will be notified in such cases. Additional Import Taxes may be imposed on certain products in BD (Laptops, Smartphones, Cameras, etc.). You will be notified in such cases.

Advance Amount: A Minimum of 40% of the Product Cost (excluding Shipping to BD).

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